Shabana Azmi and her top-notch movies.


No doubt, with a whole level of dedication, commitment, effort, and working on details one can achieve huge fame and success it is proved by very renowned Hindi film actress, theatre artist, and social activist Shabana Azmi Ji. She raised her voice and opinions on social stigmas through her movies, On her 71st birthday let’s explore her best work.

Ankur movie was the debut movie of Shabana Ji in Bollywood in the year 1974. One of the finest works by Shyam Benegal storyline of this movie is fascinating it also throws light on many social topics like casteism, sexual frustration, and needs and wants. The movie revolves around the world of Laxmi ( Shabana Azmi) in movie she is wife of a deaf potter and is very poor wants a baby then Laxmi started to work as a servant in a landlord’s house but ended up having an extmarital affair and an illegitimate child. For Shabana ji’s exceptional performance she won National award for this movie.

Mandi :
Mandi is a movie that reflects the hardships faced by prostitutes in the real the world as they are considered taboo for society. The movie was released in 1983 in which Shabana Azmi played the role of Madame of a brothel, Rukmini. She had a special affection for one girl in a brothel name, Zeenat. Zeenat fell in love with a man but Rukmini had to stop Zeenat as she is the illegitimate child of Mr. Agrawal and the guy she is in love with is no one but her own sibling. This movie won a national award and firmware awards in 1984. Because it unique story, performance and direction.

1984 film paar is based on the Bengali story “ paari” which reflects the society’s perspective on growth and improvements. In the movie, Nairangua (Naseeruddin shah ) killed the landlord’s brother because the landlord killed the headmaster of town for his progressive and advanced thinking. Naseeruddin and Shabana become fugitives and do the worst to worst jobs for livelihood. This movie got the national film award 1985, Venice International film award 1983, and Filmfare award.

Neerja is a biography of an air hostess late. Neerja Bhanot sacrificed her life in saving others in the plane hijack. In this movie, Shabana Azmi played the role of mother of Neerja. In the whole movie, she portrays a brave and loving mother who tries to accept the reality that her daughter is fighting and struggling and when she realized that neerja is no more she showed her love and pride through a speech without shedding any tears in her eyes.