Shenaz Reveals She’s Diagnosed With Prosopagnosia

Prosopagnosia has been identified as Shenaz Treasury’s condition. People who suffer from prosopagnosia have trouble remembering people’s faces.

Shenaz Treasury, a Bollywood actress who made her acting debut in the film Ishq Vishk, has spoken candidly about her struggle with face blindness. The actress recently disclosed that prosopagnosia 2 was her diagnosis. Additionally, the illness prevents the actress from recognising faces. Shenaz stated in her Instagram stories that she has always felt ashamed of her inability to recognise faces. The actress continued, “I can only hear voices.”

The actor posted about her experience on social media, pleading with her friends and family to “be kind” and understand that she has a “real brain disorder” and is not being “aloof or snobbish” about it.

The actor mentioned the disorder’s symptoms. Face blindness and prosopagnosia symptoms, she wrote. 1. You haven’t recognised a close friend or member of your family, especially when you weren’t expecting to. That is, indeed, me. I have to think about who the person is for a moment. Even a close friend I haven’t seen in a while will occasionally pop up.

Shenaz Treasury outlined how prosopagnosic individuals use hair as a “memory cue.” When someone gets a haircut, you might not immediately recognise them when you see them again, the author warned. Many people who are face-blind use a person’s hair to help them remember them. That memory cue is lost when someone’s hair changes. So please understand that I’m not being aloof or snobbish and that this is a real disorder.