Shilpa Shetty In Conversation With Super Fun Sonakashi Sinha In Season Finale Of Shape Of You

Sonakshi Sinha clicked with Shilpa Shetty at Mehboob Studio for the shoot of her show Shape Of You.

It is well known that Shilpa Shetty Kundra is passionate about fitness and that she works hard to keep up her fitness levels. Throughout the season, Shilpa will be seen sharing stories with the visitors about her experiences with physical and mental health. Since the pandemic, maintaining good mental and physical health has become essential to daily life. Additionally, the show will discuss some of the most motivational fitness tales from the Bollywood industry and celebrities’ perspectives on body positivity. Through this programme, Mirchi hopes to dispel some persistent fitness myths in addition to educating the audience.

Sonakshi Sinha appears in the final episode of “Pintola presents Shape of You,” which has just been released. The two actresses talked about Sonakshi’s fitness journey in this episode, which was hosted as usual by Shilpa Shetty.

The caption for the episode read, “Is it the Season Finale already? The season finale of “Shape of You with Shilpa Shetty” couldn’t have happened to a more fitting person! Sonakshi Sinha is someone who has had the most motivational fitness journey and has a unique body-positive outlook.

Shilpa starts the episode by asking Sonakshi what her life’s goals were, and she replies that she wants to be a fashion designer and that she was the college student of the year. Along with discussing her drawing skills, she also discusses how she got started on her fitness journey. Sonakshi then says she lost 30 kg before making her acting debut in Dabangg. When the topic of Sonakshi’s workout routine came up, it was interestingly revealed that the actress currently mixes cardio and Pilates. The actress spoke extensively about Pilates’ advantages and how it was the exercise best suited to her physical makeup.

Sonakshi also mentioned something that many can relate to and find interesting: losing weight is much harder for her than gaining it. Later, both actors and actresses discussed Sonakshi’s experience with the pandemic and how to deal with hate speech and ruthlessness on the internet. After that, Sonakshi had to join Shilpa in some enjoyable activities, and the episode came to a happy conclusion.