Shin Ha Kyun, Won Jin Ah, Lee Yoo Jin, And More Transform Into Start-Up Employees For New Sitcom “Unicorn”

“Unicorn” will follow the compelling story of Steve (Shin Ha Kyun), the slightly insane creator of MacCom, and his team as they negotiate the tumultuous startup landscape in Korea. Each MacCom team member’s employee card is displayed on the posters, along with a photo that highlights their distinctive qualities. Beginning with Steve, the other cast members—Ashley (Won Jin Ah), Jay (Lee Yoo Jin), Monica (Kim Young Ah), Kwak Sung Beom (Lee Joong Ok), Jessie (Bae Yoo Ram), Carol (Bae Yoon Kyung), and Philip (Kim Wook)—all display various facial expressions and poses that reveal something about the personalities of the different crew members.

This sitcom explores the tumultuous war zone of Korean new firms through the riveting story of the team at the fictional organisation McCom.

The slightly upset driving force behind McCom is Steve. Ashley is a member of the McCom development team and quite probably Steve’s smartest representative.

The first episode of “Unicorn,” an original sitcom from Coupang Play, will air on August 26 at 8 p.m. KST.

Remain tuned!