Shop for the most affordable and best yoga accessories

Props help practitioners of all levels to gain the sensitivity of a yoga pose while receiving the benefits and not overdoing it. When we give ourselves a little support, our body can unfold gently into the pose. Force is only met back with force, which is counterproductive in our practice. Props can help students practice asanas and pranayama more effectively, efficiently and at ease. Using yoga props doesn’t mean you’re a cheater or that you are weak. As asanas are more focused on taking away and undoing more so than in addition, these yoga props can benefit students to go deep within that understanding.

1. Wearslim Pro 10MM Genuine PU Leather Yoga Mat
Made from extremely comfortable and premium material that too at a very affordable price. As the material is very smooth it provides great help and support while doing yoga. The Exercise and Yoga Mat takes up less space while providing the full commercial experience in any setting. With this mat comes a skipping rope which is portable enough to lug around with extra heft and weight.

2. Strauss Yoga Wheel
To improve your flexibility, balance and being able to perform every pose correctly this is the perfect accessory. Crafted to perfection with the best quality materials and special attention to detail so it can give you maximum performance and flawless results every single time. The wheel is incredibly strong and durable and it can hold a large amount of weight approximately. Rehabilitation, improving balance and body awareness and coordination are the main aims one should buy this yoga wheel for.

3. Aprodo Yoga Strap
Yoga strap is an easy to use elastic band which improves flexibility, durability and stretching capabilities of a person. With this you can experience the softness and comfort of cotton as thile strap is made up of 2.5 thick cotton which is more comfortable than normal cotton.

4. Strauss Yoga Block
Yoga blocks and straps are considered to be the most widely known and used props in yoga. The main uses of yoga blocks are that they assist beginners and experts perform postures and stances that they would otherwise find difficult to do. Yoga blocks are excellent props – especially if you’re still developing the flexibility that most yoga poses require. Yoga blocks assist you in stretching, strengthening and aligning your body without causing much strain to the other muscles.

5. AUXTER Blacky Leatherette Yoga Bag
The bag is surprisingly very heavy duty and durable. The leather is quite shiny and of nice material so it will not wear off with time, the zip chains are very durable so that won’t be a problem either, the handle straps are very good and pretty long after extension, there is this net mesh cage on one side which comes handy, its not the biggest bag but it does the job.