Short and Crisp Peruvian Recipies straight from Peru

What to do when you cannot visit Peru? Bring Peru to your home, Some excitingly delicious recipes for Peruvian cuisine for you to have a unique flavour from the other edge of the globe. Peru Vivian cuisine is the best example of the mixture of Spanish cuisine, Arabian cuisine and Japanese cuisine.

1). Ceviche :

Top-notch seafood from the cuisine of per, freshwater fish is marinated with lemon and chopped in dice (Raw) with some diced fresh onion, kennels of corn and seasoned with rock salt and black peppers. And garnish with some finely chopped parsley. That’s just yum! The freshness of everything is locked in Ceviche which is why ot is the most popular street food of Peruin

2). Aji de Gallina (Chicken Stew) :

Chicken stew is very common in many cuisines of the world, but the recipe that they follow is quite different from one another. Let us have look at how Peru prepared its chicken stew. In a pan add some garlic, onion, tomatoes, leek, carrots, bag leaves, potatoes together with some crackling spices and cook after this add fried chicken lego ones and breast and cook steadily add milk and parmesan cheese that’s it.

3). Papas a la Huancaina  ( Cheese Sause potatoes) : 

Potatoes and cheese are the best friends of the culinary world. The combination is much appreciated by anyone so here is another recipe for the same duo, boil potatoes own until they are soft enough after this cook onions in a pan with some peppers and salt add a lot of cheese with a hint of garlic and stir well, slice boiled potatoes and drizzle the cheese mixture all over it.

4). Peruvian Salsa Criolla :

After all these cheese, fish and potatoes one will definitely need something easy and quick to digest and yet flavorful. Salsa Criolla is the best option just cut some onions in thing long slices and add few drops of lemon juice salt and that’s ready to serve as a side.