Single-Use Plastic Banned From Tomorrow…Check Details!

From tomorrow, India will outlaw production, import, stocking, distribution, sale, and use of some single-use plastic goods with low utility and high littering capacity. It is an effort to phase out single-use plastic items by 2022. A press statement by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate change says that control rooms at the federal and state levels will ensure effectiveness.Special enforcement teams will monitor the unauthorised activity around single-use plastic. States and Union Territories have been told to set up border checks to prevent interstate transit of prohibited plastic.

The release said, “The adverse impacts of littered single use plastic items plastic on both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, including in marine environment are globally recognized. Addressing pollution due to single use plastic items has become an important environmental challenge for all countries.”

Some of the prohibited single-use plastic products are: stirrers, earbuds, balloon plastic sticks, plastic flags, candy and ice cream sticks, decoration Thermocol, plates / cups / glasses of plastic, straws, packing films, invitation cards, cigarette packets, plastic banners and PVC less than 100 microns thick.

Plastic carry bags less than 75 microns thickness are currently illegal under the Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2021. Further, bags less than 120 microns thickness may be prohibited beginning on December 31, 2022.