Some thought provoking quotes by General Bipin Rawat

General Bipin Laxman Singh Rawat was an Indian military officer who was a four-star general of the Indian Army. He served as the first Chief of Defence Staff of the Indian Armed Forces from January 2020. Prior to taking over as the CDS, he served as 57th and last Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee as well as 26th Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army. Unfortunately on 8 December 2021, Rawat died in the crash of an Indian Air Force Mi-17 helicopter in Tamil Nadu. He was accompanied by his wife Madhulika Rawat and members of his staff, who were also killed in the crash

Here are some of his thought-provoking quotes that reflect a patriot in words-

Another issue I would like to highlight is, is this is also becoming a new kind of warfare… If biological warfare is beginning to take shape, we need to put our act together and strengthen ourselves to ensure our nations are not affected by these viruses and diseases.


To emerge as a global power, it is imperative that India must invest in building long-term indigenous capabilities or applications of decisive military power. The unequivocal assurance of our commitment to procuring indigenous equipment and weapon systems will remain with the industry and all those who support them.


In its widest sense, the Indian Army is not merely a combat unit or an instrument of national power; it is a valued institution of the Indian state. Accordingly, our ecosystem is one of profound importance characterized by attributes that I have spoken about. Customs and traditions refine strategic outlook and yearning for modernity is also a desire to lead the change. All rooted in a distinctive Indian tone and tenor.


Jung ka ek mhi usul hai oh hai jeet. May I assure you we shall accomplish the same at all cost.


Ethos is a set of guiding principles, beliefs and values give us in the army an unwritten but powerful code of conduct.


On terrorism: We need to take the bull by it horns and strike at the root cause.


In combat, ethos does drive the Indian soldier to the ultimate form of human valor- the upreme sacrifice.



We belive in eternal wisdom of: Khamohi e banate raho pechan apni,haaye khud tumhara tarana gayeyegi


One of the main ethos in humility, we dialogue and introspect. We believe firmly in external wisdom.


All the defence services are tasked to be prepared for any option that may emerge.