Sony to pause production of PlayStation 5 due to chip crunch

After the COVID-19 hits the whole world it’s hard for many industries to overcome and those who can suffer the loss have to shut down the business. Big multinational companies who are players, in the long run, is still facing issues with the production in their respective product in which they deal. There is no sector left that is unbothered by the global pandemic.

For one of the biggest electironic companies in the market, Sony is facing a problem in manufacturing and supply of its all-new gadget for kids and adults, the Playstation  5. The company is facing a chip crunch and due to this they have to cut down the production and assembling of Playstation 5 and as the consequence, it will surely affect the profit generation of Sony and it may change consumer preferences and customers of Sony can shift to any other gaming console brands.

The Sony group set a target to achieve production of a maximum of 14.8 million PlayStation 5 gaming consoles by the month if match but now Sony is stepping back due to lack of sufficiency of semiconductor chips which is the crucial raw material for  Playstation 5, the news is of chip crunch and shortage in supply is acknowledged by Sony group of electronic and they confirmed the same in a discussion with ET times news.

But it is not the first time when a company is facing loss due to difficulty in production, Apple which is a big name in electronics also combated with the chip crunch issue in the and they to lower down the target of production iPhone 13 after a shortage in chip supply.