SpaceX crew-2 back to earth after spending 199 days in orbit

After being the worlds richest man ever on this planet the earth, Elon Musk is trying to achieve footsteps in other planets of the universe.  And for which he and his team are working and dedicated to researching new possibilities of life presented on different planets, and what is there which is hidden to us. For this purpose, four astronauts who work for SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company for aerospace studies and researchers returned to earth after spending 199 days of work in orbit this is updated by NASA from their official Twitter handle.

Welcome home, Crew dragon! Four astronauts returned from the Space_Station aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon, completing a mission of 199 days in orbit — the longest spaceflight by the U.S. crewed spacecraft:

After spending about half of a year in space, crew dragon, the team of four dragons included Shame Kimbrough, Meghan MacArthur, Aki Hoshide, Thomas Pasquet created a record and this is updated by spaced itself for congratulating their astronauts for completing the mission successfully.

“The Crew-2 astronauts and Dragon spent 199 days in orbit, the first U.S. spacecraft to reach that milestone!”

Let us check out astronauts reactions and feelings on returning to earth after spending their days for a prominent mission in orbit.

As we start our journey home after 199 days in space, I wanted to leave you with one of my favorite Aurora time lapses that I photographed from our spaceship Endeavour.  It is about 1000 images that capture the motion of the aurora Australis as we flew through this phenomenon.

Day 200! Guin-Guin🐧and all of #Crew2 are ready to head home. Thank you to everyone who made this mission possible, and worked hard to make it a success. Thank you also for sharing the journey with us. Next stop: 🌎