Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer 2 Details Leaked

The details about Spider-Man : No Way Home”, if accurate, would clarify how Sony plans to confirm the main characters’ presence.

With Marvel Eternals in theaters, all eyes are now wandering for Spider-Man: No Way Home. The film has just got an official poster which has started some buzz about a second trailer being around the corner. The timeline fits – the first trailer came out 2 months ago (still with a frenzy) and the film is almost a month away from release. And fans are scouring the internet for any clues on the second trailer with the way the first trailer managed to get leaked. 

Although not often, trailer details leak out before the trailer itself. It’s far easier to post details and it’s even easier for studio heads to dismiss details as being fake, given that nothing can be verified without the presence of official footage. For this, an alleged description has started doing the rounds, which has been posted in the form of screenshots on forums like unknown4-chan. The only catch is that the description sounds completely plausible, from what we’ve seen and known about the film so far, which is the only reason I’m entertained.

Most importantly, the details explain how we can expect Sony to hint at No Way Home without explicitly confirming the presence of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. At the end of the trailer, someone says that Peter will need help, after which two shadows emerge in the sanctum. Around this time, the Spider-Man themes of the Sam Raimi and Mark Webber films are heard. Around this time, the Spider-Man themes of the Sam Raimi and Mark Webber films are heard.

The details also suggest that we will see a clear appearance/confirmation of the Lizard and the Sandman in the second trailer. Spidey will also fight Electro and the goblins are seen masked, explaining to Parker that they will die if Strange sends them back to their world. In that sense, the Multiverse has given these long-dead villains a new lease of life that will further explain their desire not to return to their original world.

Self-evident, none of this has been officially confirmed, just a rumor at this point. Hope you enjoy it till the official trailer is out.