Splits villa 14: Sunny Leone Praises Urfi Javed’s Dressing Sense

As we all know, Urfi is renowned for her distinctive sense of style. The majority of people adore her sense of style, but a few just make fun of her appearance. However, MTV SPLITSVILLA, the biggest reality show on MTV, brought Urfi a new level of recognition. Celebrities are complimenting her on her distinctive attire as well. Urfi wore a black outfit in the most recent episode of MTV’s Splits villa 16, and it looked just gorgeous.

Her striking attire frequently draws attention. She keeps experimenting with her outfit, using ropes, wires, stones, shattered glasses, or flower petals. In fact, Sunny Leone, the host of Splitsvilla X4, praised her for wearing a short, black dress with two swans protecting her bust. Sunny, a host on the programme, comments: “Uorfi, your dress is fantastic and ideal for the beach. This looks fantastic, and I love the outfits you chose.

“I am known for my distinctive fashion sense,” Urfi responds. You can compete with me, but not with my wardrobe because it is always beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Arjun Bijlani immediately began singing “Chalo Ishq Ladaaye” as he observed the attire and the two swans.