CSK all set to become the India’s 1st sports unicorn! Check out the other sports unicorn in the world!

Check out the Unicorn Sports Team, the sports team which has the highest value in the world and is crossing the value of its parent company

• Chennai Super Kings

There’s is no confirmation yet but IPL team Chennai Super Kings to become India’s first sports unicorn. After the 4th win in the IPL series, CSK capital stood at Rs 2465 crores and with this Chennai Super Kings became a much bigger unit than India Cements, the parent company of IPL.

KKR, their batters made sure that Chennai set a target over 190 for their opponent to chase down and while it looked the game was getting away from their hands, they made a strong comeback.

• Dallas cowboys

Dallas Cowboys is an American football team that has a net worth of $6.5 billion and its owner company the Jones oil and land lease has a net worth of $8.5 to 9 billion which is owned by Jerry Jones.

• The Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

The Los Angeles Lakers, America’s basketball ball team has a net worth of $3.7 billion. It is owned by the Buss Family (Real estate investors) and the network of the Buss family’s siblings is around $4 Billion.

•New England Patriots (NFL)

New England Patriots, the American team in National Football League has a net worth of $3.8 billion. It is owned by the owner of Kraft Groups, Robert Kraft which has a net worth of $3.5 billion, that’s less than the net worth of the New England Patriots.

• Manchester United (Soccer)

Manchester United, the football team has a net worth of $4billion, which is owned by the Glazer Family which has a net worth of about $3.1billion, making Manchester a sports unicorn.

•Real Madrid (Soccer)

Real Madrid, the soccer team from Spain has a value of $4.24 billion. It is owned by Florentino Perez’s, a former politician and owner of ACS Group, a construction firm. He has a net worth of around $2.2 billion (2021).

• New York Yankees (MLB)

The New York Yankees is a baseball team with a value of $4.6 billion. It’s owned by Hal Steinbrenner, the owner of Steinbrenner hotel properties with a worth of $3.2 billion.