Squid Games being the biggest launch ever has overtaken Bridgerton!

Squid games has become Netflix’s biggest launch ever with 142 Million views over its first 28 days of release.

Netflix announced that Squid Games has become #1 show in the world. Here is the list of its top shows. Ranking is done as per the account views.

#1 Squid Game: 142M 

#2 Bridgerton: 82M 

#3 Lupin: 76M 

#4 The Witcher: 76M 

#5 Sex/Life: 67M 

#6 Stranger Things: 67M 

#7 Money Heist: 65M 

#8 Tiger King: 64M 


This Korean-thriller drama is a series of 9 episodes. The plot of the story is revolving around 456 players contesting and playing a series of children’s games to win the prize money of ₩45.6 billion. They all are brought together from different places. The only similarity held by them is that they all are in deep debt and will be paying a death penalty if they lose.  

Squid Games has incredibly become the first most-watched South Korean show in the world. This non-English TV series has been ranked as the #1 TV series in 94 countries including the US as well.  Surprisingly, it’s having more demand on a global level than any other English show. 

Netflix has also added that it has added a no. 4.4 million subscribers during the last quarter. 

Have you watched the series yet? If Not, you can stream it exclusively on Netflix.