Standard Chartered becomes the next big company to modify its logo

An English Bank which was founded in 1853 and integrated in 1969 has more than a thousand offices in over sevety nations across the world and is one of the most reputable British financial companies, this is what Standard Chartered is all about.

The year was 1969 in which the spiral emblem was already present. Here, the spirals were black and were placed inside a white box with a thin black border. The lettering next to it looked very much like the typography in the current logo, although it wasn’t exactly the same. The box was gone, while the spirals were now placed between the two words. The type grew slightly bolder, and a horizontal line appeared below the wordmark.

The Standard Chartered logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its right. The wordmark is executed in a thin yet confident sans-serif typeface with rounded letters. The “Standard” part is placed above the “Chartered” one.

The logo consists of two vertical spirals, one green, and another one blue. Intertwined with a three-dimensional effect, the spirals symbolize a solid and reliable partnership between the bank and its clientele.

Calm shades if green and blue is the colour pallette chosen by the company. The blue colour symbolizes the responsibility and professionalism of the company whereas the green colour shows the bank as loyal and energetic respectively.

The new logo is all about the bank’s policies and trustworthy and is a modest one. The spiral Standard Chartered symbol is instantly recognizable and makes the bank stand out.