Start fresh with these morning habits to stimulate your entire day

Navigating through the start of the day with positivity and balance can have a huge impact on the rest of the day. You are practically training your body to function for the next 20 odd hours so having a great start can really help. Let’s look into some of the do and dont’s:

Do not hit the snooze button

I know it’s very tempting and probably we all love that extra minute we get. Most of us probably have this wild fascination to creep under a blanket on a chilly morning to sleep off for another couple of minutes. But leading psychologist says that this is not a healthy habit to have as we are programming ourself to be lazy and stressed – this attitude ultimately translate to the rest of the day.

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Do not check your phone

This one is tricky. Well, you may ask what am I supposed to do other than look into important text or mail. Most of us have already made this a habit. The thing with messages, email, texts whatever it may be, most of these are checklists for you to do ( Buy something, meet me here, get your bank statements blah blah). These instantly brings in a sense of frustration, and you don’t want that, first in the morning.

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Always plan your day the night before

If you have an important day don’t take up your morning to plan what to do. Plan the night before about the details (ideally make a checklist). The morning should not be used to stress out, rather use it to calm yourself (maybe do some stretches).

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Drink water

You just slept for 6 hours and obviously, your body is dehydrated. So the first thing to do is to find a solution to this biological need. And what better to have than water to hydrate? You may be craving for a coffee but believe me, a glass of water will instantly charge you.

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Do not skip breakfast

Everyone reading this is probably waiting for this. This is the most repeated advice that I got while growing up. So I guess no explanation is needed (try including cereals and pulses in the meal).

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