Starting April 1st, Twitter Blue Subscription Required for Blue Tick Verification

Starting from April 1st, Twitter will remove the blue verification tick from accounts that have not subscribed to its premium subscription service, Twitter Blue. This move has caused some uproar among users who feel that Twitter is monetizing its verification process, which was originally intended to authenticate the identity of prominent accounts.

Twitter Blue, which launched in November 2021, is a subscription service that offers users exclusive features such as the ability to undo tweets, customize their app icons, and access a dedicated customer support team. The service costs $2.99 per month in the US and is available in a few other countries as well.

Twitter has stated that the decision to remove the blue tick verification from non-subscribers is aimed at ensuring that the verification process remains authentic and credible. The company claims that the blue tick has become a symbol of authenticity and credibility on the platform, and that it wants to make sure that those who receive it have earned it through their contributions to the platform.

However, critics argue that this move is unfair to users who may not be able to afford the subscription fee, particularly as Twitter has previously said that the blue tick verification is not tied to any financial or advertising relationship with the company.

Twitter has stated that it will send out notifications to all users who are at risk of losing their blue tick verification due to non-subscription to Twitter Blue, giving them an opportunity to subscribe and maintain their verification status.

Overall, the decision by Twitter to remove blue tick verification from accounts that have not subscribed to Twitter Blue has sparked debate among users about the role of verification on the platform and the potential monetization of this process. It remains to be seen how this move will impact Twitter’s user base in the long run.