Step-by-step procedure on how to delete your WhatsApp account and retrieve all chats and images

You might be wondering on how to delete you WhatsApp account if you are planning to switch on to some other app owing to the new privacy policies of the former application.

For the unversed, WhatsApp can collect your data even if you delete the app, but can’t if you delete your account and then delete the app! For data collection, you might be required to wait for a few days as the company takes time to send you the report. You can also manually export all the chats and media. HOW? Read on to know more about this!

Here’s how you can delete or deactivate your WhatsApp account on Android:

Step 1:  Tap on the three-dotted icon after opening the app which is located on the top right corner.

 Step 2: Choose Delete my account option by visiting the Tap on Settings, visit the Account section.

Step 3: Enter you mobile number and then tap on Delete My Account.

Step 4: A reason will be asked for deleting your account.

Step 5: Tap on Delete my account.

How to delete or deactivate your WhatsApp account on iOS:

Step 1:  Just open WhatsApp on your iOS device and then go to Settings > Account > Delete My Account.

Step 2: Once you enter your phone number there, tap on Delete my account.