Stereotypes We Are Tired Of Seeing In Indian Cinema

Indian cinema comes with stereotypes that have a huge impact on society and makes wrong interpretation of a particular individual or a community.

Over decades cinema has become an integral part of individuals’ lives. Indian movies have come far in the term of content but still has a long way to go. The Indian cinema has shown or depicted a specific individual, culture, or community with the specific type that is portrayed stereotypically. These things presented on the big screen make an impact on the masses and act the way it’s shown thinking it’s right since it’s on the big screen. The cinema has some responsibilities since it’s a medium that reaches the masses and influences them.

Stereotypes have a huge impact on the audience that is even practiced in households and society.

A man in a household should be a breadwinner whereas a woman should be great at cooking and doing household works, be a great wife, daughter in law and a good mother. This stereotype is still in society, women from educated families and big cities are willing to go outside, do a job, and get paid whereas women from rural areas are still struggling to get an education where doing jobs seems far sight.

The representation of a perfect woman is shown as the woman who wears traditional clothes and has a beautiful slim figure and fair skin but the woman who wears jeans and a shirt is called tomboyish and isn’t perfect for marriage. The depiction of how a woman should be is shown in the worst way. A woman should be more feminine.

Another representation is violence. When it comes to violence against women and especially married women, it is a green flag rather than red. Violence towards women in her household by in-laws or husbands is shown as acceptable. When this is acceptable on bug screens it eventually reaches masses and depicts the wrong message. Violence towards anyone isn’t a good representation on the big screen, it influences the masses and is one of the reasons that any kind of abuse is thought of as common.

One of the stereotypes is a representation of minority communities. Sikh communities in movies are presented as patriotic people or the one who drinks and are always loud. This is a pure wrong depiction as even many people from the community have reacted to the stereotype being wrong. Another is that a terrorist or national enemy is always introduced from the Muslim community.

The most ridiculous stereotypes are one about LGBTQ+, the community is always shown as the individuals who like fashion sense and dress up more feminine and have feminine portrayal. Even that they are always into men and don’t have anything else other than always following men.

These stereotypes may take a long to disappear if the movies continue to have the same stereotypes but fortunately, Indian Cinema is slowly moving towards erasing these stereotypes and perhaps moving towards a better and broad-minded future.