Stock market highlights: Stock market rises even in the corona time!

Sensex and Nifty RISE

The Stock market has now become a very important part of people’s lives. A few years ago people thought that the stock market is risky and was afraid to put their money in it but now they have realised that if they choose the right stocks they will earn huge profits on that.

The Sensex as of today closed at ₹61171.74 and the Nifty 50 closed at ₹18216.45 going up by ₹554.85 and ₹160.70 respectively. The top 3 gainers were Adani Green Energy going up by ₹85.05 (5.42% ) and was followed by Mahindra & Mahindra which went up by ₹38.30 (4.55% ) and NMDC which saw a rise of ₹5.20 ( 3.81% ) in its price. And among the top three losers were Avenue Supermarts followed by Titan and Abbott India as they saw a drop of ₹223.90(4.97%), ₹39.90(1.50% ), ₹269.85(1.49%) respectively.

The covid-19 third wave is affecting the stock market in both good and bad ways. The pharma stocks see a rise and some stocks see losses. It’s important to be updated with news all over the world to select the right stock to invest in. The stock market does not offer assured profits but if you invest your money smartly and understand the dynamics and how the prices fluctuate you will earn huge profits in short term and long term. But even after so many years, only 3%-4% of people invest in stocks in India. This is because people are too afraid to take risks but what they do not realise is that if they study properly and then invest they will earn more than any interest provided by any bank.

Some people in India think that the stock market is gambling and so they advise people to stay away from it. So it is important to remove these superstitions from people’s minds and educate them about the wonder that is the Stock market.