Stocks Market Crash: Do’s and Dont’s during crash

The Sensex and Nifty 50 have been crashing since a week now and many people are panicking over it. Here are some things should or shouldn’t do during the Crash.

Sensex and Nifty 50 are not in a good position this week. The stock market has been crashing and many people are at losses. Sensex is above 1100 points low this week and Nifty 50 is 285 points low this week until now. The market has opened on a positive today but still, people are in huge losses. Many beginners have no idea what to do and are too confused and panicked at the moment which forces them to take the wrong steps.

  Here are some tips that might help the beginners during the crash: 

  • During a crash, it is obvious that you will have to suffer losses, but you have to not let the fear of loss take over your mind. Many beginners during a crash get panicked and sell their shares to avoid more loss. But what they don’t realize is that if the market is crashing today, someday it will bounce back from the crash and that day the shares will give you profits or at least recover/minimize your loss. DO NOT PANIC SELL.
  • Some people think that the best time to enter a market is when the prices of the stocks are falling, which is wrong. You never know much the prices of the shares will fall and that’s why you should invest when the prices have stopped falling and the share starts to bounce back. You have to identify that particular time and invest in that share during that time.
  • Many experts and analysts and the ‘Big Bulls’ in the market share their opinion on various stocks like when to buy at what price and or when to sell. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong. This is why you should always invest based on your knowledge and your research. Follow your gut and keep up with the news about every little thing around the world that can influence the price of the stocks.
  • Know when to remove your money from the shares. When you invest in a share the share doesn’t need to reach your target. You have to know when the share prices can fall so that you can prevent losses and secure your profit. Greed for money will lead to losses only as you will not remove your money from the shares if greed takes over. 

 Investing in the stock market is a tricky business unless you be careful and alert at all times. Keeping up with the news of your shares will help you the most. Invest your money safely and in the right place and based on your research and guts.