Sudeep Kichcha’s Vikrant Rona announces its release date

The announcement for the release is February 24 2022 and the Kichcha fans must be relieved to hear it. The project has a grand visual spectacle and the entire team strives hard all along to ensure the best of quality. The movie would be multi-lingual.

Vikrant Rona has wrapped the post-production work of the film and has announced the release date that is February 22. The video introduces us to an imaginary world straight out of a lord of the ring or Game of thrones. The teaser looks like it would be a thriller of a cursed palace or a 100-year-old story of a dancer who haunts the place; somewhat a mystery.

The teaser opens with a child narrating a story. And soon, we are being shown a dark world of Phantom. The hero arrives in style and smacks the bad guy down. Going by the teaser, it seems like a movie that commands to be seen on the big screen. Vikrant Rona went into production in August 2020 at a studio in Hyderabad. The film was shot entirely within the confines of a studio setting in line with the then-existing Covid-19 restrictions.

This film is said to be the biggest venture in Kiccha Sudeep’s career in terms of budget, scale, and release and the team has evidently left nothing to chance in rendering a film of grand proportions. The movie will be in 14 languages and this will be easy as Sudeep Kichcha speaks in different languages.