‘Suriname’ To Release On September 9 Only On Netflix , Tap To Know More

The story revolves around a regular businessman who is forced to put his life in danger by enlisting in a clandestine government operation to apprehend a Korean drug lord operating in the Suriname region of South America.

Ha Jung-woo will portray Kang In-gu, a man who travels to Suriname in search of huge money but finds himself enmeshed in drug activities.

Jeon Yo-hwan, a formidable drug lord who controls Suriname, is portrayed by Hwang Jung-min. Both celebrities had previously collaborated with Yoon.

The Unforgiven, The Moonlight Of Seoul, and Kundo: Age Of The Rampant all had Ha as the lead. Yoon and Hwang collaborated on The Spy Gone North.

The cast of Suriname also includes Yoo Yeon-Seok, Jo Woo-jin, and Park Hae-soo. Agent Choi, a National Intelligence Service agent in charge of operations in the Americas, is played by Park Hae-soo (By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture, Time To Hunt). Agent Choi works with Kang In-gu to apprehend Jeon Yo-hwan.

In Hospital Playlist and Steel Rain 2: Summit, Yoo Yeon-Seok played David Park, a lawyer and the instigator of Jeon Yo-organization. hwan’s

Suriname to release on 9th September