Surreal places to visit in Kashmir – the canvas of beauty

Kashmir – “Paradise on Earth”

Kashmir is rightly known as the “Paradise on Earth” because of the views it has to offer.

Beautiful glades and woodlands; huge mists rising from rivers curving in narrow spirals around the opposing mountains; soft air ruffling the water caused a pleasant motion among the trees from which it wafted the most delightful of water sounds, adding an air of serenity to the scene; chinar, pineapple, and cedar trees are somber, adding an air of serenity to the scene.

It is one of the most beautiful places to visit if you want to spend your vacation in the midst of nature.

Bangus: Bangus is one of the most untapped tourist locations, lost in the mists of obscurity. Bangus Valley lies in the picturesque Kupwara District. When one stares down into Bangus Valley, the sight and sounds of this heaven are breathtaking in their boldness. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the planet, cradled high in lush and gorgeous vegetation and animals. The woods’ pine trees are breathtaking, and the mountain ridges reflected as if in a mirror in the peaceful streams of Tilwan Kul, Douda Kul, and Roshan Kul are majestic and beautiful. Many animal species and gorgeous migrating birds call it home. It is one of the greatest places for trekking, picturesque photography, serenity for nature enthusiasts, and romantic outings.

Bangus Kashmir

Chatpal: It is one of Kashmir’s most stunning off-the-beaten-path tourist attractions. It may be found in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag district. Due to the lack of roads, it is surrounded by dense woodlands, deep green mountains, gorgeous forests, and an active and occasionally languid river. It’s a hidden gem of tranquility and seclusion. The beauty of scenes with fresh green tree colors is unrivaled. It is one of the ideal places to spend quality time with family and friends away from the rush and bustle of city life, in the midst of nature. Adventure seekers will also enjoy a short trip through the forests near Chatpal. Chatpal is best visited during the summer months.

Chatpal Kashmir

Lolab Valley: Lolab Valley, also known as Wadi – e Lolab, is one of Kashmir’s most tranquil and delightful places and is far more well-known than the others. Lolab is recognized for its lovely apple orchards, lake, springs, and covered paddy fields, which are popular with tourists. The Kalaroos Valley, Potnai Valley, and Brunai Valley are the three mysterious valleys that make up Lolab. The greatest time to visit Lolab Valley and lose yourself in the grandeur of picturesque scenery is during the summer.

Lolab Valley Kashmir

Warwan Valley: Away from the rush and bustle of daily life, Warwan Valley is a wonderful place to tune into Mother Nature’s rhythm. It’s 150 kilometers from Srinagar. The allure lies in the deep clear water that flows from magnificent waterfalls, the massive Cedar trees that appear ominous in this gorgeous setting, and the enigmatic heavily covered woodlands. The beautiful and melodic pouring of the Warwan River, whose source is the huge Kanital Glacier, gives travelers a whole new level of happiness and tranquility. The settlements of Warwan Valley provide a picturesque backdrop. It is also a trekker’s heaven.

Warwan Valley Kashmir