Swiggy Stepped Down In Vertical Business ; Swiggy Bazaar To Take Ground Soon

One the Indias largest online food delivery service, Swiggy proved its worth in the COVID-19 era, Swiggy emerged as a big helping hand for those who were looking for groceries and food which were scarce in the times of lockdown. Swiggy services were reaching as many people as they can because their self-realization of social responsibilities. This awareness towards people makes Swiggy more dear to his customers

And now Swiggy is going to organize and introduce new aspects of social commerce verticle, buying groceries for community groups. This is a way of selling purchasing which was a big hit in Lockdown phases 1&2, eliminating retailer and direct purchase wholesalers, this paradigm proves beneficial for customers and sellers because they no longer have to bear retailers’ cost charges.

Just dropping messaging list of food articles you need and message them in the registered Whatsapp number, And the whole package of items will deliver to your door in a decent time. This scheme is yet to launch which is why Whatsapp number is provided to the public eventually, Hiring suitable human resources and filling the position is ongoing work for sake of this scheme.
“Swiggy Bazaar is our latest foray in the trillion-dollar grocery market and will be a community group buying destination.

a senior industry executive familiar with the development said, “The company is currently experimenting with the model and whether it materialises or not will depend on several factors.”