Take a look at the companies owned by Bill Gates

Bill Gates, William Henry Gates III, the American entrepreneur, software developer, investor, and foundation founder. He is one of the world’s most powerful figures and the guy behind most of our software programs. Most people only know him as the former CEO of Microsoft and one of the wealthiest people in the world. No doubt in that because he ranked 3rd in the Forbes list of wealthiest persons in January 2021. However, that’s not it, apart from Microsoft Bill Gates has a lot of offers in terms of Business. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was started to fight diseases, poverty and inequity around the world. The foundation now owns stocks in many major companies, below is the list of top companies owned by the foundation.

Check out the companies owned by Bill Gates

• Berkshire Hathaway Inc
Berkshire Hathaway is a diversified holding company, which engage in energy generation and distribution, rail transportation, manufacturing, retailing etc. Bill Gates invested 11million dollars worth of stock in Berkshire Hathaway.
• Waste Management
Waste Management, Inc. is associated with environmental services. The company develops and operates waste to energy and landfill gas to energy facilities in the United States. This is the largest waste management company in the United States,
with a market value of $1.97 billion. Bill Gates, the foundation of Bill and Melinda holds over 18.6 million shares in Waste Management.
• Walmart
Walmart is a retail store operating worldwide. They operate supercentres, discount stores, and supermarkets. Walmart’s total revenue of $135 billion rose 5.2% over the year. Bill and Melinda’s foundation holds approximately 7 million worth of shares at Walmart.
• Caterpillar Inc.
Caterpillar Inc is a company that designs develop, engineers, manufactures, markets, and sells machinery, engines, financial products, and insurance to worldwide customers. It is one of the world’s largest construction-equipment manufacturers. Gate owns 11.2 million worth of shares in the company.
• FedEx
We all know FedEx, as it’s the company responsible for shipping our packages. It’s a shipping and transportation company, which provides a variety of services including e-commerce, transportation, and business services. The company provides domestic and international shipping and delivery services. Bill Gates owns around 1-2 million worth of stock accounting for around 3.5% per cent going to Gates portfolio.