Take care of your pet a little bit more on this festive season, check out how

This festival season indeed brings so much joy and happiness for us, the sweets that we give and receive as gifts the crackers that we burn all these make us very delight but to celebrate festivals with our family members with often ignore one special family member of our family, Our pets. Yes, our pets need a special kind of treatment for this festive season because they are very different from us, the way we celebrate the festivals may unrest our pets burning crackers is one of the major reasons our pets feel troublesome. But there few tricks and tips by which you can enjoy the festival and not be a problem for your beloved pet.

1. Locking is the key:

Keep them indoors, the more they are with you they will feel safe and especially under a roof. So, avoid leaving your dog, birds and cats in the garden or lawn area.

2. Proper medication

Keep your first aid kit ready with you always whenever you go won for boring crackers not only for pets but for your kids too. And if you find any stray pet roaming with injuries please help them, they can not deal with it on their own.

3. Treat your pet

Treat your pet with their favourite biscuits and food, so they will not feel discarded from the celebration. But for them new collars or soft toys so they can distract from the noise of the outdoors.

4. Crackers for outdoor only :

Down burn small crackers like, Anaar, Chaakri and Fuljhadi at home especially where you keep your pets, this practice is very risky because crackers are uncertain and cause damage to you, your home, your pets at any moment.