Tasty dishes from Dutch cuisine you can add to your winter menu

Norway’s cuisine is something that is not very common for Asians and most of us don’t even know that such a thing exists like Norwegian cuisine. Norway’s cuisine broadly includes the kind of food which gives a heat to the body and they prepare hot pot meals which include fish, meats, and chicken and, for the vegetarian course, they have recipes like vegetable stews and souls. And these recipes are very appropriate for the winter and chilly season of Norway. So, let us discover some recipes to enjoy in the weather winter.

1. Lapskaus :

As we mentioned stew is the first choice of vegetarian of Norway to keep them warm inside in the tomes of snowfall. Vegetable stew is very easy to make choose your favourite reasonable vegetables and chop them off and add in water, salt, butter and pepper. Serve hot once the vegetables are softened.

2. Sour Cream Porridge :

Porridge is the best choice for breakfast because it is a one-pot meal that gives you energy for a day, and nothing can be better than a sour cream porridge to start work on chilly winter mornings. To make porridge is easy the key is to add sour cream with salt, flour, milk, and then cook together and it’s ready.

3. Potato Dumpling :

I bet you all love dumplings, but no one from ever us ever heard or thought of potato dumpling and this recipe is very interesting because it has potatoes as main ingredient. Potato dumpling which is made by mixing flour and boiled potato and fry them and served as side dish for lambs and chicken .

4. Lingo Berry Cream :

Lingo Berry cream is Norway’s beverage cum dessert which is one of its kind. Lingo Berry is a very Instagram material dessert because it is so good looking and eye-pleasing to make lingonberry cream bottom filled with egg whites and to pee with the sugar infused lingonberry juice and garnished with dey fruits and drugs raisins  Heaven!