TATA IPL 2022: AB Devilliers is looking forward to this season’s total of 600 from Kohli

Favorite among fans AB Devilliers, This year’s IPL will be without Devilliers, a 38-year-old South African cricketer who announced his retirement in 2018 but continued to play in the IPL until last year when he eventually chose to retire from the sport for good. Devilliers has played with RCB since 2011, and in his IPL career, he has scored roughly 5162 runs.


Not only is his tenure in the IPL noteworthy, but so is his friendship with former RCB captain Kohli. In a recent interview with VUSport streaming, Devilliers said, “I am anticipating a really big season from Virat.” This year, I expect him to have 600+ runs,”. “Now that Faf du Plessis has taken over as captain, Kohli can relax a little and feel less pressured,” Devilliers added. “Faf du Plessis is an experienced player, he will let Kohli and other players go out on the field and enjoy their game, I am not sure what will happen this season, but I am expecting some good results from RCB’s team setup this year,” he added.

Kohli recently revealed how he heard his choice via voice message and how his heart plummeted. Kohli also revealed that he had a notion and could sense what was coming since last season.

AB Devilliers announced his intention to withdraw from all forms of cricket in November 2021, just before the start of this year’s season. After the annihilation, fans were shocked and heartbroken, as Devilliers is one of the most popular players in the IPL.

With Kohli stepping down as RCB captain and AB Devilliers out, it will be interesting to watch what RCB can bring to the table with these significant changes.