TATA IPL 2022: Check out the IPL players with over 1000 fours. Shikher Dhawan is 8 hits short

Shikhar Dhawan, a Punjab kings player, is known for putting up big numbers on the scoreboard and frequently plays the role of a game changer. Dhawan has played for Delhi for the past three years and was formerly a member of the Hyderabad club.


Dhawan, the new Punjab sensation, is on his way to being the first Indian to hit 1000 fours. He currently has a total of 992 fours.


The following is a list of players with a score of 1000 or more 4s: 

Chris Gayle, who is known for his hitting and scoring, sits at the top of this list with a score of 1132, despite the fact that he is not playing this year.


Following Gayle is Alex Hales, a 33-year-old English cricketer who will not be playing in the IPL but whose name must be mentioned when it comes to the scoreboard. Hales has struck an astounding number of boundaries, with 1054 of them being fours.


David Warner, the last player on this list with over 1000 fours, was with Hyderabad for four years before being added to the Delhi Capitals. He will be unavailable for the first week of the IPL due to national issues, but he is a player the audience is looking forward to seeing because of the total number of fours he has, which is 1005.


Dhawan only needs 8 boundaries of 4s to add his name to the list, making him the first Indian to do it. Will Dhawan be able to add his name to this list against KKR tonight? Or would the Dhawan devotees have to wait a little longer for the festivities to begin?