TATA IPL 2022 : List of stars that have been ducked out so far

After months of training and practice each year, clubs recruit and train the best players in the sport to represent their particular clubs to compete in the IPL. IPL, being the most coveted event in Cricket houses a gigantic pool of talented cricketers from around the world. The expectations from these players to the people, families, clubs, authoritative boards, etc. are just sky-high. However, it’s just not the case in cricket. Even the most glorified batsman can be bowled out before making a single run, possibly going to the duck zone. Here is the list of players that had been ducked so far this season:

1. Ruturaj C

0(4) vs KKR

2. Mandeep S

0(2) vs MI

3. Rovman P

0(2) vs MI

4. Raj Bawa

0(1) vs RCB

5. KL Rahul

0(1) vs GT

6. S Gill

0(3) vs LSG

7.N Pooran 

0(9) vs RR

8. R. Tripathi

0(3) vs RR