TATA IPL 2022: Players that have spent the greatest time with their IPL teams and have played the most games for a single team

The IPL is known for bringing together players from all around the world, but these five players have played the most IPL matches for their respective teams.


Virat Kohli (Royal Challengers Bangalore)

Virat Kohli has been with Royal Challengers Bangalore from the league’s inception in 2008. He has not only been a member of the squad for a long time, but he has also led the team for many years. Despite the fact that Kohli has stepped down as captain for 2022 IPL, he remains a crucial member of the RCB squad, having played roughly 200 matches with the team so far.


MS Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings)

Captain Cool has many records to his name, including multiple victories throughout his incredible career, and another one is his yellow jersey, which he has worn for all these years. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always been with his beloved team Chennai Super Kings, having played 182 matches for them, making him only the second person in IPL history to have played that many matches for the same team.


Suresh Raina (Chennai Super Kings)

Suresh Raina, a former CSK star who went unsold this year, came as a major shock to fans, especially Chennai fans, as Raina has played over 172 matches for the supper kings, contributing significantly to the scoreboards and the trophies that CSK has won over the years. Raina has been with CSK since 2018, and the company has continued to retain him every year.
Raina made his commentary debut this year and managed to wow his fans by beginning from the ground up.


Kieron Pollard (Mumbai Indians)

Kieron Pollard, the only foreigner on this list, is a fast bowler and captain of the West Indies who has been with his IPL team, the Mumbai Indians, since 2010. Pollard has a total of 3271 runs in his IPL career, with every run sticking on the Mumbai Indians scoreboards. Pollard has played 172 matches with the Mumbai Indians, and this year’s IPL will only add more great matches to his list.


Rohit Sharma (Mumbai Indians)

Unlike the majority of the players on the list, Rohit Sharma was a member of the Deccan Chargers and even won the trophy in 2009, but the Mumbai Indians have not let him go since 2011. Rohit Sharma has been a part of the Mumbai Indians family every year, not only a part, but he has been a captain for this team for the majority of the years and has contributed to around 162 matches, and has brought home the trophy in 2017, 2019, and 2020.


People are excited to see who will ultimately raise the trophy and write their name on this year’s championship with Suresh Raina emerging as a new commentator in the Hindi commentary scene, with all of these players still playing for the same team.