TATA IPL 2022: The biggest 2022 IPL sixes have been hit by Liam Livingstone of Punjab Kings. Here are the top 5 players with the biggest 2022 sixes so far

It hasn’t been long since the 2022 IPL season began, but the players are already shattering records. Three players have already recoded a six over 100 meters, and another Indian player is not far behind.


The following is a list of the top five players with the biggest IPL 2022 sixes:

Liam Livingstone (Punjab Kings)

Liam Livingstone of the Punjab Kings is setting new records this season, with the English player who was recruited by PK this year hitting record breaking boundaries. In a recent match against CSK, Liam hit a sixe that was recorded at 108M when M Choudhary bowled, despite CSK’s loss, Liam managed to set a new record for the starters.


Liam Livingstone (Punjab Kings)

Liam is in second place as well; Punjab Kings has won two of their three matches this season. Liam’s first longest six was 105m, he  recently broke his own record by hitting another 108m against CSK.


Jos Buttler (Rajasthan Royals)

The list is dominated by English players, with Jos Buttler coming in third with a 101M sixer against MI. The player was able to achieve a half century in only 32 balls, and his other sixes in the same match were also among the best.


Jos Buttler (Rajasthan Royals)

Although the number of meters is the same as the next player on the list, Buttler is saved for 4th position since he struck a six that recorded a good 98M, the record cannot be missed.


Ishan Kishan (Mumbai Indians)

Ishan Kishan from MI is the lone Indian in the team, and this 23-year-old batsman has earned his spot with a six that was recorded at 98M, the same as Jos Buttler. Ishan set this record against Delhi Capitals while Axar Patel was bowling.


Additional Entry

D Pretorius (Chennai Super Kings)

This player should be included in this list because he also scored a six for 98M, tying Ishan Kishan and Jos Buttler for fourth place.


This is only the beginning; the 2022 IPL will have a long way to go, with perhaps even more sixes from these fantastic players and fresh additions to this list from the eagerly anticipated upcoming matches.