TATA Sons And Their Idolized Brands In Diversified Industries

It is hard to believe that is there any industry left on earth, in which TATA  Sons are not indulged from chemicals to automobiles, from food to electronic TATA ordinances in every sector, and working at the forefront. Here are some very famous outlets of TATA from different categories of industry.

1). TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) :

A multinational information technology company with a market capitalization of 200 billion USD and undertakings in 146 cities of 46 countries a mainstream line to employ IT graduates and Management students on the side.

2). TATA Starbucks Limited :


A star international coffee shop Starbucks which outlets are now opened in India Starbucks is partnered with TATA in 50% of shares, all outlets of Starbucks in India is run under “TATA alliance”.  This joint venture is a massive hit for both TATA and Starbucks.

3). TATA Communication Services :

TATA communication services are domestic companies that provide devised for that communication like Wi-Fi routers to provide communication end-to-end services to create a digital ecosystem for Multinational business organizations.

4). TATA Tanishq :

Tanishq is the most trusted and tested gold, diamond, platinum, a silver jewelry shop with won’t range of designs and offers. Around 250+ jewelry outlets and showrooms across the Indian states. And headquarters in Bangalore and Karnataka. Moreover, Tanishq also deals in digital gold. Advertisement of Tanishq Considered Bollywood Actor Deepika Padukone as one of their brand ambassadors.

5). TATA Motors :

Automobile by TATA is one of the ruling companies in the automobile sector, TATA Co. Owns big fat brand names of luxury cars of Jaguar, Land Rover, and TATA’s is continuously launching new and exciting cars frequently, And the last launch by TATA, Safari Gen 3 in Black edition was a big hit on Indian roads.

6). TATA Titan :

Titan by TATA is the unisex brand for west watches and sunglasses, it is the fifth-largest wristwatch brand in the world after companies like Rado and Rolex. Not only titan, Sonata, time are also the Indians’ unisex wristwatches company is run under the alliance of TATA.

7). TATA Vistara And Air India :


TATA controls airlines services with the partnership of Singapore airlines, 4-star rates airline Vistara is a joint venture that flies domestically in India.

After the Indian Airline network is auctioned by the Indian government in the market TATA and its sons won the bid for Air India, Air India was nationalized in the year 1953 before this Air India was known as TATA Airline because founder of company was TATA.

8). TATA Hotel Chains :

Indian Hotel Company Limited (ICHL) is a Company that works on behalf of the owner to manage and look over hospitality and catering services ICHL works for TATA too, and the hotels own by TATA are a 5-star

Taj (in luxury segment); Vivanta by Taj (in the upper-upscale category); Gateway (for the upscale segment) and Ginger (in the economy segment). Gateway Hotels, a full-service hotel brand