Tempting and flavoursome dishes of Odisha which cannot be missed

The Odia cuisine is a melange of varied items and practices. Its cuisine is mainly influenced by the North India, Assam and Bengal. The staple diet of the Odisi people is rice with my mustard oil. Yoghurt forms a major part of many dishes of Odisha while many sweets are based on chhena (a form of cheese). Odia cuisine is less oily and spice but a burst of flavours. Aptly, Odisha is like a quintessential gourmet central for every foodie. So, here is our handpicked list of Odisha’s Dishes.

1. Khicede
What we call as Khichdi in other states is called as Khicede in Odisha is an easy yet wholesome meal. It is also offered as offerings in the temples of Puri. It is a perfect combination unleashing flavours of rice and lentils cooked together. Not only is has great taste but is also very nutritious. Lightly spiced, often served with curd and papad, this appetizing meal is bound to make you salivate.

2. Chungdi Malai
A mouth-watering and flavoursome dish consisting of creamy prawn curry, where the creamy part comes from the coconut milk. Steamed basmati rice is the side dish which goes best with it. The richness and silkiness of this fantastic dish are further enriched by light and mild spices that add a unique character to it.

3. Macha Ghanta
This tempting curry consists of the fried head of the fish and is served with hot steamed rice and salad. It can also be made in a vegetarian way by avoiding fish and only preparing ‘Ghanta’. The curry is a rich blend of onions, potatoes, garlic and the regular spices.

4. Dalma
It is made with roasted moong dal without any onion or garlic. A few regular spices along with a cup of veggies are added to it to give it a lip-smacking flavour. Common veggies include pumpkin, plantain, yam and papaya, which work like magic on your overall health. Mostly eaten with rice, this finger-licking meal will more than satiate your appetite.

5. Pakhala Bhata
This is the lunch for most of the Odisi people during the summer season. To beat the heat in summer this is the best dish to have in summer. 20th March is celebrated as Pakhala Dibasa (Universal Pakhala Day) by all Odias to welcome summer season with Odisha’s traditional food. This sumptuous meal is a must try.