The Best YouTube Channels For The History Enthusiast In You

One of the digital world’s main hubs for knowledge exchange is YouTube. It’s a hub of knowledge sharing with many channels covering all genres. You have several options if history is your area of interest. Here, we’ll list the top  YouTube channels that, via their regular production of high-quality content, offer a comprehensive understanding of history.


Do you know how we frequently add shows and documentaries to our Wishlists despite our hectic schedules, only for them to eventually disappear? Or perhaps it would have been preferable if someone had simply provided us with a selection of things to watch that we were interested in? There is hope if you enjoy history, though! That is exactly what Timeline- World History Documentaries does. The BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, and PBS are just a few of the well-known broadcasters whose programming and documentaries they curate. Here, you can find programs about historical wars, pivotal moments, secrets, and the histories of many ethnic groups.

Weird history

Weird History is yet another extremely popular YouTube channel. This channel, as its name implies, is devoted to strange historical occurrences, facts, and myths. Although some of these films might seem like they’re miles away from reality, they actually were. You can’t help but admire the amount of effort and research that went into satisfying the team’s curiosity while watching their video. Therefore, check out this handle if you want to astound people with bizarre historical information, such as what it was like to live in a Medieval castle or what foods were deemed junk food at the time.

Live History India

Live History India, a digital media company, aspires to create a platform to help people rediscover the many aspects of this magnificent country. Through our work and your assistance, they seek to revive and display the best works in India. They also encourage any efforts made by individuals, groups, organizations, and the government to preserve our magnificent legacy.


This YouTube channel educates today’s youth about the happenings of history in a way that is easy to understand and full of information. This is easily one of the best YouTube channels in Indian history.


Do you recall your history classes? Many of us would rather just gaze outside our windows than focus on tedious teachings. I wish someone had given us an “oversimplified” lesson! With the help of this YouTube channel, you may learn about the French Revolution with stories and twists, clear pictures, and even entertaining statistics. This is a great channel for kids as well because the information is frequently entertaining and simple to understand.

The History guy

The history that shaped our past and future is difficult to capture. Between 5 and 15 minutes, capturing it is significantly more challenging. But The History Guy works in that manner. The ever-so-sophisticated Lance Geiger skillfully describes historical occurrences, decisions, and facts. These materials are ideal for our dwindling attention spans and hectic lives. Typically, episodes are posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.