The Fifty Shades Grey fame Dakota turns 32, best of her movies to watch!

The 50 shades of grey fame, the glamorous Dakota Johnson is an October baby. And it’s her birthday! We all know her from her series of Fifty Shades movies. But other than that she had done some remarkable movies and she’s without a doubt brilliant in them.

1) How to be Single

How to be Single is a 2016 film. It’s a rom-com directed by Christ Ditter. After college, ready for change and challenges Alice (Dakota Johnson) move to New York to take a job and also to take a break from her long term boyfriend. She meets Robin in the city, a fun-loving co-worker and with him, she enjoys her single life.

2) The Peanut Butter Falcon

It’s a movie about a man with down syndrome who runs away from a nursing home where Eleanor (Dakota Johnson) is a nurse. A quest for him starts as he runs away to become a wrestler and fight with a wrestler named Saltwater redneck.

3) Suspiria

It’s a horror film directed by Luca Guadagnino released on 1 May 2019. It’s a movie about a Dancer Susie Barron, she appears for an audition at world-renowned Helena Markos Dance Co. She replaces the lead dancer and in angst, she accuses the female directors of the company of black magic.

4) Black Mass

It’s a 2015 movie by Scott Cooper. It’s a crime drama movie starring Jhonny Depp, Joel Edgerton and Dakota Johnson. The movie revolves around the life of Whitey Bulger, a criminal mobster, who becomes an informant for an FBI agent, John Connolly. But as things go haywire he turns into a Gangster.

5) Our Friend

Our friend is directed by directed Gabriela Cowperthwaite, released in 2021. When a couple (Nicole and Matthew) faces problems, a friend (Dane) leaves his personal life to help them with their problems. It’s a movie about friendship and how a friend can make a huge impact on your life especially when things get hard.