The Gray Man First Review: Praise Dhanush, Ryan Gosling And Chris Evan’s Chemistry

Initial reviews of the Netflix movie The Gray Man by the Russo Brothers praise the chemistry between Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling as well as the “ruthless” scenes starring Dhanush.

In a post-screening press conference in Los Angeles, actor Dhanush, who makes his international debut in the Russo Brothers’ The Gray Man, admitted that he had no idea how he wound up in the movie.
Dhanush has a minor but vital part to play in the movie. He appears to be playing an assassin with very little dialogue. I don’t know how I ended up in this film, Dhanush replied when asked about being a part of the project and how he got the chance.
The first reviews from a few critics are in. While the movie won’t be available on Netflix until July 22 after a limited theatrical run on July 15, most are calling it a fun action entertainer and praising the leads and Dhanush and Ana. According to a tweet from Forbes movie critic Jeff Ewing, the movie “is a solid action-thriller (the streamer’s best so far), with great performances by Gosling, Evans, and de Armas. Excellent stunt work and fight choreography are displayed.
Recently, The Gray Man was screened by the American press, and it impressed many. Hollywood critic Courtney Howard expressed her astonishment on Twitter. The Gray Man was described by her as a “battle of wits, bullets, and brawn.” Dhanush plays a small but impactful role, according to Courtney.
Her message read, “Action scenes in.@Russo Brother’s #TheGrayMan are relentless and expertly planned. Battle of brains, brawn, and bullets. Excellent banter is shared by Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans (as well as sleazebag facial hair!). Ana de Armas is stunning and fierce. Scenes starring Dhanush are brutal & cutting.”

The action scenes and the chemistry between Ryan and Chris were praised by critic Jana N Nagase. “Amazing and perfectly nailing the action scenes is #AnaDeArmas. She tweeted, “Ryan Gosling & @chrisevans are fantastic together & perfect fight scenes.