The idea behind the design of AirPods Max case explained

Earlier this month, when Apple launched its first over-the-ear headphones, AirPods Max, it instantly became a topic of jokes, memes and was mocked for its design. Though Apple’s design philosophy has always been different, the AirPods Max case became a curiosity for the buyers.

In an interview with a Japanese News site, the company explained the idea behind the case. Eugene Whang, industrial designer, Bob Borchers, VP of Product Marketing, and Evans Hankey, Apple’s VP of industrial design, spoke about AirPods Max and explained the main reason for the case design- portable design, to make it more storage efficient. They said, most headphones come with large bulky cases that it becomes hard to carry them around while travelling.

Apple also said that the case has a structure in one cut-out sheet which also makes it three-dimensional. Apple believes that it’s easy to use and the structure is really strong. The Apple AirPods Max is priced at- Rs 59,900.

When the ear cups are rotated to close, the headband is exposed which becomes like a holder to carry the headphones with ease.