The Journey to the 2023 Cricket World Cup

For the final three spots in the Cricket World Cup 2023 qualification round, there are 15 teams still in the running.

Seven of the 32 countries competing for 10 slots in the Cricket World Cup in 2019 have already secured their places, while the remaining 10 teams are no longer eligible. The last spots will be decided based on the results of the Cricket World Cup Qualifier, and the Qualification Playoff.

The top eight finishers in the Cricket World Cup League, a competition that has taken place over the previous three years and features the best 13 sides in the world of cricket, earn a position in the first eight teams of the 10-team World Cup.

England now leads the race with 155 points, securing seven of the eight spots (15 wins and a no-result). Afghanistan’s 115 points (11 victories and a no-result) are the lowest among already-safe teams, while six other teams have point totals that guarantee a top-eight spot.


Furthermore finished with their earned points are Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and New Zealand.

Beginning on June 18, the 10 teams travel to Zimbabwe for the Cricket World Cup Qualification.