‘The Last Hurrah,’ An Exciting Collaboration Between Kajol And Revathi In The Upcoming Movie!

On Thursday Kajol made an Instagram post announcing her new movie ‘The Last Hurrah.’
The movie will be directed by Revathy Kelunni. Revathy is better known as Revathi, she’s an actress mostly seen in Tamil and Malayalam movies. She previously directed several movies including Mumbai Cutting, Mitr: My friend and Phir Milenge.
‘The Last Hurrah’ is based on a true story of a mother Sujata who faced extremely difficult challenges with a smile on her face. The film is still in the making but it’ll release soon. While talking about how Kajol came to her mind for the role Revathi said “Sujata’s journey in The Last Hurrah is extremely close to my heart. It’s not only relatable but also inspiring. When Suuraj, Shraddha and I were discussing this film, Kajol was the first person who came to our mind. Her soft yet energetic eyes and her beautiful smile will make you believe that anything is possible and that is exactly how Sujata is. I am very excited for this collaboration and to be working with Kajol for this heartening story.”
Kajol made her debut on the OTT platform this year in the movie Tribhanga, sharing her thoughts on the story of The Last Hurrah she said, “When I heard the story of The Last Hurrah, I could instantly connect with Sujata and I thought her journey was incredibly inspiring. I think it’s a beautiful journey and it deserves to be shared with everyone. And to have Revathy direct me for this story gives me more strength to play Sujata and showcase her strengths.
For the very first time, this duo of these talented women is working together. Sharing a picture with Kajol on her Instagram Revathi said “Very happy to announce my next film as a director – Last Hurrah with a famous and charming actor ‘Kajol.’ Looking forward to shaping a character I’ve carried with me for more than 7 years. God bless🙏”