The manager of Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is sacked

Ole Gunnar Solskjær has finally been sacked and Manchester United fans can finally breathe for a little while. The hornets well and truly destroyed Manchester United over the weekend, as the scoreline read 4-1 here at the vicarage road. OGS fought well to keep his position at the club but his management was turning out to be cancer for the club. 


Watford is trying hard to survive in the English top flight. A defeat by their hands was the sign for an immediate meeting of the board members to limit the damage any further and stay in the competition. Solskaer’s managerial skills were out in the open as they exposed Manchester United’s defense and tore them apart. 


OGS surely gave Old Trafford memories that didn’t last long enough but it was mostly pain. Under OGS Manchester United lacked consistency which is an integral part of winning competitions. The club owners did everything at their disposal to bring back the glory days but Ole Gunner Solskaer was the real problem which should have been dealt with a little sooner. He was wrong although he was always one of them and Manchester United runs in his veins. He was sensational for the club as a player but it was the time before he became toxic for the red devils.

With numerous world-class signings, OGS should have won a trophy at least but reaching the final and semi-finals isn’t an achievement. To add more to this Mourinho was way better than OGS he won 3 trophies. Carrick-fletcher have been appointed as the interim managers. Now Is it Gonna be Zinedine Zidane’s, Luis Enrique ? We will know.