The new Android 12- This is what we can expect

Following a series of betas and previous, Google is finally poised to launch its latest upgrade of android version Android 12. Reports suggest that the official launch would be later this month.

Google has already informed and given out source code and detail regarding the release to make the market adaptable once it gets out. Earlier this day leaked screenshots extracted from the submitted source code popped up on the internet. But we cannot confirm the authenticity of the screenshots. 

Here are what we can deduce from the leaked renders:

The notification as always gets an update, this is possible the most expected change with each android update. Google has been doing great with the notification panel for quite sometime matching with the popular iOS version.

The screenshot revealed a notification bar with a light beige accent (maybe due to the theme). The primary and secondary notifications are differentiated as expected but the separation is now more pronounced with a separator.

The position of cloak and date have been interchanged and the tile dimension is larger than the previous update.

Rumors last year suggested that android was working extensively to improve the privacy situation of the device with its new update. If everything follows what we know – a major revamp in the privacy setting can be expected. One of the screenshots revealed a notification panel dedicated to indicating whether your camera/microphone is in use.

iOS with its last update provided the user with a ‘conversation widget’, so with a new android update, this feature is expected.