The new API access fees from Twitter may be too expensive for many applications and research projects

Due to a significant rise in the price of using Twitter’s API, many third-party Twitter apps will soon disappear, and several research studies using tweets could be postponed.
Developers and academics may access tweets at scale thanks to the Twitter API, enabling third-party analytics, content analysis, etc. Until recently, Twitter provided free basic access to the Twitter API. But, last month, Twitter stated that it will be ending the free access tier to stop developers from abusing the free API.

Researchers also received a sneak peek at the new Twitter API access costs this week, which are a lot more than they were before. Now, Twitter offers a basic plan with incredibly restricted access.

By reference, the top tier of Twitter’s prior API price was $2,899 per month for its “Premium” plan. As already said, the price increase will drive away many API users, which will result in the elimination of numerous third-party Twitter tools and apps whose businesses were founded on the prior API fees. After the original API changes were disclosed, several developers expressed their worries, and as a result, many programs, including Tweetbot and Twitterrific, have already been discontinued.