The Queen’s Are Here, Make Way For Them

Malabar gold and diamonds, a well-known brand for jewelry that believes in making it big for every campaign they design, recently launched a new campaign called #MakeWayForTheBride. This campaign beautifully depicts that every bride is beautiful and unique in her way, It urges the stereotypical crowd to let the bride be and to make way for her to as it’s her wedding and she can be there in any way she wishes. For this campaign, the brand bagged in veteran actors Anil Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan which makes the advertisement campaign all the way more beautiful. The wedding vibes have been enhanced with the wedding anthem used in the ad. The campaign includes brides from various states such as Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, Maharashtra, Bengal, and more.

Each bride enters her wedding arena in the grandest way possible. The social objective of this campaign wants to break stereotypes and conventional practices that still exist in our society. Along with the strong social message that the brand wants to convey, they have marketed their products well by showcasing their beautiful range of bridal jewelry collections, catering to the needs of the new age brides. The chairman of the Malabar Group said that it’s like a tribute to the new-age brides and their  aw-aspiring individuality. The theme of the Pride Of India 2021 encouraged them to design this campaign #MakeWayForTheBride. A Wedding is a big day for any bride and she should own it irrespective of what people say. She must and make sure that the world knows about it too. He added that their brand celebrates every bride’s big day.