The savers of the world. The Eternals are here

Marvel has brought marvelous ways to fascinate the audience

The world premiere of Eternals is finally here. It’s the most awaited movie of the century and is causing a massive rift among people. The audiences are dying to see the movie, all the marvel fans are enthusiastically waiting for the same. The movie will hit the cinemas in November; till then let’s set our calendar for D-day.

There is a probability that the movie shall begin at the point when Thanos had destroyed half of the life in the universe with a snap of his fingers. It’s a little absurd that where the shadow gods who have protected humanity for thousands of years where are they now and why didn’t protect the half wiped out the world. So to answer this marvel has come up with the incredible idea to bring God back on the field. They’ve been watching and guiding humanity for more than a millennium. But, as the trailer reveals, a new threat has emerged, and the Eternals are finally set foot on earth.

The trailer reveals that all the celestial gods have come together to save the planet from Deviants who possess to destroy it. All the actors are being cheered and the grand opening in the United States has added more enthusiasm and this was sponsored by Lexus along with their new car launch.

The movie is already premiered in the US and we (Indians)are waiting for this amazing masterpiece.

Here is a review from a fan-


The cosmicity to save the human race will begin on 5 of November at your cinema houses.