The whole engineering team at Microsoft-owned GitHub is laid off in India

The entire engineering team at GitHub, the Microsoft-owned internet hosting company, has been let go in India, affecting over 142 technical positions throughout the Indian division. The action is a part of a reorganisation plan disclosed by GitHub in February, which included includes layoffs aimed at protecting the company’s short-term health and facilitating long-term investment in the company’s vision.

The impacted workers received two months’ pay as severance pay and were compelled to sign severe non-disclosure agreements. The layoffs were not performance-related (NDAs).

Thomas Dohmke, the CEO of GitHub, informed staff via email that the decision to fire the technical team was justified and that fresh budgetary realignments would be made. Citing the success of GitHub Copilot, the company’s most successful product launch to date, he emphasised the company’s commitment on incorporating AI. Dohmke emphasised the firm’s dedication to funding its long-term strategy.

GitHub has already undergone layoffs; just last month, the firm announced the reduction of 10% of its personnel. Also, the business has suspended employment till further notice.
The layoffs are anticipated to have a substantial effect on the company’s operations in India, which has

GitHub’s second-largest developer community behind the US. Despite the layoffs, GitHub is still focused in integrating AI into its platform as part of its long-term goal.