These 5 dating trends changed the game of 2020

Its a brand new decade and the dating trends are changing. The days are gone where people were simply been tagged as single or taken. With the moving technology the trends in dating are getting extremely advanced as well! The  terminologies of the dating are very complicated. But fear not, post-ghosting era, we’re are here to exclusively break down the dating trends you need to have on your radar, if you want to stand a chance of securing your perfect match.

1. “Kanye’d”
Have you ever been on a date where the opposite partner relentlessly keeps on talking? According to a dating website’s data 45 percent of the singles had this problem. Kayne’d means having a one-sided conversation on their dates.

2. “White Clawing
If you find a person basic and boring but still dating them just because you find them attractive is called as “White Clawing”. 42 percent of people surveyed say they’ve known someone who has done this.

3. Eclipsing
When you begin dating someone new, it’s important to recognize shared hobbies and interests so you know what you have in common. But when you immediately adopt all of their hobbies and interests as your own, you’re “eclipsing.” Nearly half of singles have experienced dating someone who took up all of their hobbies, and 45 percent admitted to actually having done this themselves.

4. Yellow-carding
Have you ever had a bad date and habe been able to tell it to your date? Sometimes it seems like bad dates are a dime a dozen when using dating apps. This is called “yellow carding,” and 27 percent of singles have been brave enough to confront a date’s bad behavior.

5. Dial toning
“Dial-toning” is similar to ghosting but involves ignoring the other person before the relationship ever even begins. In other words it is that when you give your date your number but when he/she texts or calls you, you are least bothered. A whopping 60 percent of singles have experienced this, and 35 percent have accepted this.