Thrilling amusement parks that are a must visit in Odisha

Odisha can be visited any month but to experience the best of its climate then March to December is the best time to do so. It has perfect pelasent and soothing weather for outdoor activities. Summer is the best time to visit some of the most amazing water parks and splendid amusement parks. Some of them which shouldn’t be missed there are listed below.

1. Ocean World
The biggest and most popular water park in Odisha is rightly famous for the amenities like major water slides, Kids Pool, Wave Pool, Rain Dance, and Landing Pool. You can have a splash in the water thanks to their thrilling water rides. But if you like being a sloth bear then there is also a Lazy River for you. There are eating joints inside the water park and locker facilities are also available to make the day fun-filled and seamless.

2. Blue Splash Water Park
With amazing slides, pools and rides this is an ideal place to go with family or friends and make some fond memories. Ideally located in the heart of Puri city; Blue Splash Water Park is spread over 8 acres of land and has 7 ecstatic water rides and swimming pools which not only allure the children but also the adults. They have in-house restaurants and also have locker facilities for safety of the visitors. Blue Splash Water Park is an idyllic hideout on a scorching summer day.

3. BDA Nico Park
Thrilling amusement and water rides are the main attractions that thrive tourists ro visit the Park. Built by Nicco Group in collaboration with BDA, this is a well-manicured park with an artificial water body at the center where all the water rides are stationed. If you are in the city, plan to visit this park for unlimited fun and frolic.

4. BDA City Centre
To unleash the child into you this place is an ideal one. Come rushing down the Water Chute here and splash into cool waters, get a thrill kick on the Moon Raker mini roller coaster or get a hair raising scare on the full fledged roller coaster called Cyclone. Enjoy India’s first dark ride at the River Cave Ride here or take a Lazy River Boat Ride around the whole park.

5. Pratyush Ocean World
Situated in Puri this park has umpteen number of rides for the young ones as well as for the adults. Also, it has several good options available. It can also host family functions, events or gatherings on prioir bookings.