Tianwen-1 probe reached Mars, China latest to feature in this list

On Wednesday morning the Chinese Tianwen-1 space probe rolled over mars. The information was later confirmed by China National Space Administration. A day before, The Hope satellite has reached Mars making this the second expedition to have success this month. With this successful space probe, China became the sixth country to achieve this feat.

Tianwen-1 or ‘questioning the heaven’ in Chinese was launched from Wenchang in South China in July 2020. The timing was chosen ideally to use the opportunity of the two-month window – during this time Earth and Mars are relatively closer (which occurs once every two years).

“Exploring the vast universe is the common dream of all mankind. We will cooperate sincerely and go hand in hand with countries all over the world to make mankind’s exploration of space go further,”

Zhang Kejian, Director of the China National Space Administration

The probe spends about two months monitoring the Martian surface for having an optimum landing condition. It finally chose Utopia Planitia a region on mars to make its landing. It is reported that by May the rover and lander will detach from the main body to collect evidence and samples of Martian surface and condition.

China will become second, only to the USA in successfully landing and operating rovers and landers on Martian land. The Chinese effort was appreciated by global media and NASA. 

Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s top science official, tweeted: